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When Courtney Taylor, a 23-year-old clothing store manager and single mother, is mugged at gunpoint by a man who resembles a rodent, she loses self-esteem, an uncashed paycheck and her driver’s license. 

Shortly after, Reno Walch, a custodian and drug user, discovers Courtney’s license on a bus ride to work and seeks to return the wayward object. Meanwhile Reno’s cohorts, a trio of pharmaceutical addicts, are making a fortune on ill-gotten prescription OxyContin while consuming as many pills as possible in-between. Fixated on their own personal goals, nobody notices the major media outlets reporting the acts of a killer running rampant through the nighttime streets of Tacoma.

The Tacoma Pill Junkies, by Joshua Swainston, follows the lives of working class twenty-something pill addicts as they find out what trouble success can bring.

"For locals who enjoy a good novel, Tacoma Pill Junkies belongs on the shelf next to Mark Lindquist’s King of Methlehem."
- Jack Cameron - Tacoma Stories

"If you always thought there should be a drug-laden murder mystery set in Tacoma, you now have your book."
-Timothy Thomas NcNeely - Post Defiance

"I give this book a solid five stars, only because amazon won’t let me give six. This is a book I will read again and again, and will have my eyes constantly peeled for more of his work. And you should, too. Trust me."
- Angella Graff - Author of The Judas Curse