Content Portfolio

Stories define who we are personally while at the same time describe the unifying factors of our communities. We tell stories to entertain, teach, and persuade. For as long as I can remember, I have been enthralled with the power of story. Whether I am building a narrative around budget data, developing website layout, or writing an article about a local rock group, the craft of storytelling permeates everything I do.

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Trade Publication

“Learn-By-Doing: Cal Poly Integrates the ProtoMAX into IME Program”

California Polytechnic State University’s (Cal Poly) Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) Department is ensuring its students are prepared for the future of fabrication by integrating abrasive waterjet into its curriculum. As part of OMAX Corp. I produced over twenty trade magazine articles.

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Video Production

“ProtoMAX at PCSC”

At OMAX Corp. I produced several short videos highlighting customers and equipment. These videos were often used as a way to place products in context - showing how each level of product OMAX produced could fit into a number of manufacturing applications.


Business Report

"2016 Readership Survey Report "

Utilizing user surveys and demographic data, I produced annual reports to the Creative Colloquy Board of Directors. This specific report was used as a jumping off point in a series of iterative developments to better the user experience.


Company Publication

"Tug Scout Rescues Shrimp Boat Crew"

As part of my work with Olympic Tug and Barge, I have been responsible for various types of internal and external communication. During the Summer of 2015 one of the company's tug boats rescued the crew of a capsized shrimp boat. I wrote the official statement regarding the incident. The statement was later published in the company magazine Soundings.

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"The Silverback of South Tacoma"

As a freelance journalist for the Tacoma, WA arts paper, The Weekly Volcano, I was able to dig into my community and highlight some of the more interesting aspects. My article about Ivan the Gorilla won the Washington Press Association Award for Personality Profile in 2011.