OMAX Corp.

Content Marketing Writer: April 2018 to Present

OMAX Corporation is the leading provider of precision-engineered, computer-controlled, multi-axis (X-Y) abrasivejet systems for use in manufacturing. Established in 1993, our objective is to harness state-of-the-art technologies to make high-pressure abrasivejet machining practical, affordable, and easy-to-use. The OMAX JetMachining Center became the first affordable system to offer abrasivejet capabilities with consistent, precision results.

At OMAX, I wrote all content copy for blogs, press release, trade magazines, and other collateral.

Below are selected articles:

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“Learn-By-Doing: Cal Poly Integrates the ProtoMAX into IME Program”

Manufacturing Engineering - February 4th, 2019

California Polytechnic State University’s (Cal Poly) Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) Department is ensuring its students are prepared for the future of fabrication by integrating abrasive waterjet into its curriculum. In 2018, the IME department added a ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet from OMAX to its Materials Removal lab, showcasing non-traditional cutting methods for students from all majors. As part of Cal Poly’s “learn-by-doing” philosophy, the ProtoMAX will be available to engineering students, allowing firsthand experience on the applications, operations, and versatility of abrasive waterjet technology.

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“Nimble startup Thor Trucks finds the right tools from OMAX Corp. for electric vehicle development”

FF Journal - January, 2019

Thor Trucks’ owners believe this could not be achieved without the aid of OMAX Corp.’s MAXIEM 1530 abrasive waterjet. An abrasive waterjet uses a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive to slice a narrow line into a wide variety of materials, resulting in accurate shapes. Cutting with water does have some challenges. To adjust for a flexible cutting tool, the company developed computer models that optimize the patented control software, resulting in accurate part creation without trial-and-error programming.

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“Save Money with Optimal Waterjet Software”

Industrial Machinery Digest - December 3rd, 2018

A waterjet is a machine tool that shows its true benefit when it is cutting complex geometries on a variety of materials. In abrasive waterjets, hardware performance only provides a portion of the potential cutting performance returns. An optimal software controller is capable of extreme precision throughout every angle and curve in a cut while increasing speed of production and reducing cost of consumables. To get the full value of your abrasive waterjet, you need the best hardware coupled with the best optimal software.

“Global Goals”

FABshop Magazine - October 9th, 2018

“Precision abrasive waterjet cutting is now recognized as a viable and versatile machine shop process on every continent of the Earth,” wrote Dr. John Olsen from his 2009 blog entry in Dr. Olsen’s Lab. “But I’m really not satisfied. I still haven’t accomplished what I set out to do. Even though OMAX® systems have demonstrated the ability to quickly and economically produce precision parts from virtually any material, the abrasive waterjet is still not a universally-adopted technology. There are tens of thousands of machine shops in the world, and abrasive waterjets are found in only a small percentage of them. My dream of an abrasive waterjet in every machine shop is still not even close to reality.”

Dr. John Cheung and Dr. John Olsen founded the OMAX Corporation in 1993, having found a way to revolutionize the waterjet machining method. A new type of motion control technology and proprietary software ushered the development of the first truly affordable waterjet system to offer fast, precise, and consistent results.