Creative Colloquy

Editor-at-Large: March 2014 to January 2015

Consigulari: January 2015 to February 2016

Assistant Director: February 2016 to February 2018

Creative Colloquy was founded in February of 2014 with the intention of fostering relationships built upon the mutual admiration of the written word and providing a platform to highlight literary talent in the South Sound. Additionally, Creative Colloquy hosted the first ever Creative Colloquy Crawl, a city wide reading event throughout Tacoma in October of 2015.
Cover designed by Bismark Pinera

Cover designed by Bismark Pinera

Creative Colloquy Volume Four

December 2017


Creative Colloquy asks you, dear reader, to consider why you read and write. Why do we take up the pen or tentatively turn page after page of our dog-eared books, if not to build community, compassion and empathy where there was none before? Why allow ourselves to get lost in the beauty and mystery of stories when “real life” awaits us beyond the dust jacket? The answer is simple: our words give us hope. Hope that a world where barriers we’ve built between reality and dream, the strange and safely familiar and fallacies of black vs. white can still be broken down by the power of our words. Creative Colloquy Volume Four, an anthology of short stories, poetry and narrative writing by local scribes of western Washington, seeks to keep that hope alive among the literary community. Volume Four features eighteen original works by hopeful storytellers, each accompanied by artwork provided by creative artists using charcoal, collage, paint, photography, and digital media for your reading pleasure. Take a moment to slide your hands across the cover of Creative Colloquy Volume Four, press your thumb against its slender spine and feel each and every story as you flip through its pages. Feel our stories, and feel hope with us.

Cover designed by Shawn Fone

Creative Colloquy Volume Three

December 2016


Back cover copy: Edwin, the Front-Cover Frog, and I collect stories. From the valleys of North Tacoma to the Nisqually River Basin, to Capitol Lake, we’ve lurked just outta sight. You have got some interesting stories to tell, Gritty City. We’ve heard mythic tales of your land, including one about an old movie house. Why, I bet there’s something in these pages for everyone.

Cover art by Starheadboy.
 Cover design by Michaela Eaves

Creative Colloquy Volume Two

December 2015


The Empire Strikes Back, Second City, Vatican Two, Jackie Robinson, John Adams: all wonderful and memorable seconds. To that canon Creative Colloquy offers you our sophomore collection, Creative Colloquy Volume Two. Volume Two is the cumulative efforts of Creative Colloquy and the writers of the South Puget Sound to forge a community platform where everyone is welcome to share and enjoy the art of storytelling. As part of our mission, we attempt to explore a wide variety of subjects, styles and abilities within writing. As evidence of that, within these pages you will find pirate love, a Caterpillar mustache, and cities, described as ex-boyfriends.

Cover design by Minty Punch Studios

Cover design by Minty Punch Studios

Valentines Day Massacre at the Narwhal

February 2015


In a joint effort between Creative Colloquy and the Nearsighted Narwhal. we present a collections of crime noir short stories and music put together in homage to the radio shows of the 1930's. Some have called it a gritty Tacoma Washington version of a Prairie Home Companion.

Cover designed by Michaela Eaves

Cover designed by Michaela Eaves

Creative Colloquy Volume One

November 2014


Ostrich husbandry to a police ride-along. Musings of the sea to observations of the universe. Creative Colloquy Volume One brings together a selection of transformative fiction, insightful essays, and enlightening poetry from the literary revolution occurring in the South Puget Sound. From sobering confessions of motherhood to the importance of being musically literate, you are guaranteed to read tales within these pages that will connect with you. Creative Colloquy’s mission is to showcase the talented scribes of Western Washington while acting as a platform to facilitate expression and conversation within the writing community. This book is the physical manifestation of that mission.